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Scientificus Paradoxum

2 Mar

by David Barreto Ian

A few weeks ago, I found myself in the middle of a discussion encompassing creationism, evolution, free will, religion and all other sorts of philosophical issues that haunt us today. During this conversation I became astounded by the reaction that the Evolutionists had to Creationism.

Evolution now takes precedence over Creationism. Nowadays, Creationism is only taught in Sunday Schools, Bible Camps and somewhat overzealous religious families. As happy as I am about this, I have to admit I find it a bit unfair. “How so?” you ask? Perhaps a simple analogy might help clarify things.

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Global Warming Under Investigation

4 Oct

by Ben Good

Predicting the affects of global warming is a complicated process with many disagreements over the severity and possible effects of estimated rises in atmospheric CO2 and temperature. One test currently underway in British Columbia seeks to ascertain experimentally the effects that predicted temperatures will have on tree life.

This experiment has been termed the Assisted Migration Adaptation Trial (AMAT). It involves taking seedlings of a multitude of species from their natural habitat and moving them into regions with a similar environment to what their natural habitat is expected to be like in the years 2025, 2055 and 2085.  This test is being hailed as a progressive pro-active approach to the global warming issue by some, yet others consider it to be both dangerous and disruptive to their ecosystems.

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Saving Society from Bad Science

4 Oct

by Ruth Norris

Ask my peers doing Biological Sciences degrees what they wish to do post-graduation and there isn’t a huge variety in their answers. Most aspire to careers in medicine, research or biological related field jobs – all very admirable ambitions! However I always feel completely in the minority when I reveal that I aspire to become a journalist for a broadsheet newspaper. People’s first question is why would I enter into a degree so single-mindedly designed to set me up for a scientific career, when my dreams lie in a completely different direction?

My answer is that far from abandoning science, I wish to save it. My dream is to steady popular opinion on controversial issues. Bring the facts to the people without a scientific education in a way that makes clear not only the discovery or theory but which also explains its benefit to society helping save or improve human lives.

More importantly, in my opinion, is getting the non-scientifically aware or educated members of society interested and excited about new developments. Give them a crystal clear awareness of the hard facts of the subject, rather than allowing them to fall prey to tabloid-esque hysteria.

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